Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Shoes? Every girls weakness. Shoes are a much needed piece in an outfit and in life. Without shoes walking would be so uncomfortable, and who wants to be uncomfortable?

There are so many different types of shoes, from high heels to flats and tennis shoes to boots. Dependent on the look you want there are an endless amount of possibilities to make your look. Here are a few of my favorites and the looks I would put them with.

Tennis Shoes- A classic pair of white converse are my personal favorite because you can put them together with pretty much an outfit. You can wear them with a pair of your favorite jeans, a cute striped top and a little jacket on a day out with friends. You can also wear them with most dress or skirts and give it a laid back feel to the outfit. There's also the sporty look, like Nike Free Runs, which give great support and come in a wide variety of colors.

Gladiator Sandal- Sandals are mainly for spring and summer but if your outfit really needs them and your a risk taker you can wear them any season.  I don't personally recommend that cause of the weather conditions dependent on where you live. If you live in Hawaii and want to wear sandals whenever you want then you should totally do it!

Boots- Steve Madden is my favorite for boots. There are so many different looks for boots. There are knee-high, thigh-high and ankle-high. Right now I'm really into tan boots for the falls and winter. But a classic pair of grey or black boots are also good to have in your closet.

Flats- Flats are what I think every girl needs in her closet. A pair of flats will last a long time and can go with any look. You can dress them up and dress them down, they look good with jeans or a dress. A cute outfit I see them with is a black maxi skirt, a burgundy top, cardigan and a scarf. Flats are a great option when you don't want to wear heels but want to look cute and a great option when you don't want to wear tennis shoes but still want to look laid back.

High Heels- High heels can be hell and can be great. There are so many different looks for high heels. There's pumps, heeled boots, Mary Jane heels, platforms and wedges. High heels always make an outfit look nice and dressed up. A cute dress with a pair of heels is good for a night out with some friends or a fancy dinner. You can also pair high heels with any top, a pair of jeans and a jacket and not look incredibly fancy.

An endless world of possibilities for shoes. Colors and heights, open toed and close toed, suede or leather. The list never ends. So here's my short list of possibilities for you.

Amanda Selvidge


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