Tis The Season To Layer Up

Tis The Season To Layer Up

Crisp air and the soft patter of the rain hitting the window, a warm cup of tea and cover cuddling time. Its fall and we are heading into the season of the cold. In this article I will be writing about layering and recommending good coats/jackets to keep you warm!

During the fall/winter stores tend to put out product in neutral colors, like beige, tan, brown, grey, dark green and black. I am a stronger believer that neutral colors are essential and can go with ANY look. Whether its a rain coat or a parka you can make it look cute.

Trench Coat- Trench coats can be cute, most trench coats are in tan or beige. I love to see a cute trench coat with a knit sweater, dark denim jeans and a good pair of boots. My favorite trench coat I've seen so far is by Burberry, they really make it look simple and sophisticated, very English looking.

Bomber Jacket- Bomber jackets are an awesome way to give a look some edge. I've seen most bomber jackets in black, grey and dark green. You can take a really innocent look and give it a hint of rebellion by pairing it with a bomber jacket. My favorite look to see it with is a striped top, light washed jeans and a white pair of converse.

Leather Jacket- Along with the bomber jacket I think the leather jacket is another piece of clothing that gives an outfit a bit of rebellion. It may not be the warmest jacket out there but it is one that will always be bought due to the look it gives and how cute it is, a good way to wear a leather jacket but still keep warm is by layering a hooded jacket underneath. My favorite way to see it is with a band shirt, ripped jean and combats boots.

Parka Coat- Parkas are infamous for being the coat that keeps the body the warmest and but are still stylish.  I've seen parkas in all sorts of colors. A good outfit to pair it with is a floral top, corduroy pants and a stylish little pair of oxford shoes.

Duffle Coat- I will forever be in love with the duffle coat. Its warm and I can always count on it to look cute with my outfit. Duffle coats are always in style, one of the only coats I've always seen in style. I love to see it with a cute little dress, tights and flats.

Two-Toned Jacket- A two toned jacket is a piece I really only see in stores during the fall. It is a cute piece that comes in a hand full of colors. I think a good way to pair a two-toned jacket is with leggings (preferably grey or black), a maroon top and a pair of boots.

I hope that whatever coat fits your look and your personality keeps you warm.

Amanda Selvidge


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