Go For The Gold

Metallic colors are such a touchy topic. Metallic is either in or its out, there isn't really an in between. I think that because its shiny and glittery that not everyone is too sure about how they feel about Metallic's. 

There's tons of Metallic colors to choose from! You can pretty much take any color and make it Metallic. Pink, green, blue, red, the list goes on.

My favorite Metallic color is Gold. Naturally everyone likes Gold and its a good, warm color. It's a really good color to mix in with a solid color outfit for a little something different. You could even wear an all Gold outfit and just be luxurious!

There's also different shades of Gold which is what makes it my favorite. I think my favorite would be Rose Gold or Champagne Gold. They are all beautiful!

So if you want something a little outside the box, metallic is the way to go.

Amanda Selvidge


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