White After Labor Day?

White After Labor Day?

What's with the rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day? What does it stand for?

From what I've read it was made up because it was a summer color and back in the day rich, white people would wear it in the summer when they were vacationing. Even then it doesn't make much sense. White is such a substantial color in the fashion world along with black. Coco Chanel use to wear white whenever she pleased, in whatever season she pleased. If she can do it then so can anyone else.

White is everywhere in the fashion world. Ivory is just a form of an off white, most runways in fashion shows are white. Most back drops that photographers use are white. Make-up artists use white eye shadow in the corner of the eye to make the eye color a person has bolder and brighter. White is everywhere, the rule that you can't wear it after labor day is false.

White is a great contrast color, it makes things bold, makes everything stand out just a little more. I do not follow the rule that you aren't suppose to wear white after labor day. If there's a color you want to wear, then do so. Fashion shouldn't have boundaries, its a form of expression, so express yourself.

Amanda Selvidge


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