When I hear the word Tulle I think of ballet and lots of pink. I think of little children twirling in tutu's and satin slippers. I never thought that as an adult I would wear it, I thought surely it was only for little girls who aspired to be ballerinas.  But now you  see it everywhere, from everyday street wear to  walking down the runway. 
This trend is no longer only for little kids. Now designers like Elie Saab and Betsy Johnson dedicate whole clothing lines to the fabric.  It also comes in every color you could possibly think of, you can make it girly yet classic and add sequins and glitter to it like Kate Spade or print gold leaf on it like Elie Saab.
So next time someone mentions Tulle, don't think to negatively of it. Think about it on the runway instead of ballet or for your senior prom.

Amanda Selvidge 


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