Denim is so essential to any and every outfit! Nothing beats a good pair of denim jeans. Doesn't matter the season or the trend denim is always in.

There are so many different types of denim. The style of wash, the cut, the shape, its so diverse. You can really wear denim for any season and it won't matter. Denim shorts, Denim jeans or a Denim jacket, all great options. The Denim jacket is not a popular option among most people but if used correctly in an outfit I think that a Denim jacket is a totally legitimate choice.

There's so many different cuts of denim! Like jeans, shorts, jackets, vests, shirts and even shoes!
There's so many different styles too, like high waisted or low rise for example. There's really an endless amount of possibilities to the style of Denim.

There's also tons of different washes that Denim comes in. Such as acid wash, dark wash, light wash, stone washing, the list really goes on.

No matter the season or trend you can always rely on Denim!

Amanda Selvidge


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