A Little School Girl Never Hurt.

A Little School Girl Never Hurt.

When people think of the school girl look they think plaid skirt, white button up shirts, school embroidered blazers, knee high socks and hideous black shoes. People think of a all girl school, pin straight, goody goody girl. The stereo type is always there.

I think the school girl look can be sexy or cute if intended to. Plaid skirts can be worn right, not all are made to reach the knees, even with those ones you can hem them. They do not need to be paired with a white button up shirt, unless you want to channel your inner Britney Spears. I think a cute crew neck sweater, a plaid skirt, fashionable knee high socks, a trendy little cardigan and rain boots would be a perfect outfit and still could be classified as "school girl", very posh if you ask me.

Fashion to me is all about expression and not having boundaries. Fashion is a form of art, a way of life for some. It's all about beating out the stereo types and doing and wearing what feels right to you. A little school girl never hurt anybody.

Amanda Selvidge


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